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Are there things you would like to know about your customers and guests?
Why not ask them?
With Plezed you can directly ask your customers, clients and guests any questions about their preferences, needs and choices, in a fun and interactive way.
The information they provide is immediately available to you and can be used in collaboration with your existing tools and platforms - there’s no need to change any of your existing technology solutions. Customer preferences can be delivered to your existing platforms within seconds!
You can use it to take customer service to a whole new level, drive next-generation personalization, transform marketing and loyalty programs, and increase sales.
Your customers and guests will feel understood and valued.
Simple and Engaging
✔ Create engaging, fun personalization forms in minutes - add your questions, and choose from a range of templates and options to reflect your brand.
✔ Add photos and videos to create an immersive, interactive experience.
✔ Learn everything you need to know about your customers' and guests' preferences and choices.
✔ Gain competitive advantage through real-time customer preferences, optimizing customer service and decision-making.
✔ Create loyal, raving fans!
Brands that embed personalized customer experience into their organization increase profitability by up to 60%.


A new approach to customer relationships
Plezed gives the customer full control over the information they want to share with you. They can modify and update their preferences and choices at any time.
Creates Trust and Loyalty - Use Plezed to create trust and engagement and streamline your communication with customers. Plezed enables better knowledge of each customer for loyalty programs, improving customer retention and acquisition.
Accurate Information - Plezed helps you to ensure the information is constantly up-to-date.
Easy and Accessible - Customer information is easy and accessible for organizations of all sizes – you don't need an IT team, and you can be used Plezed as a stand-alone tool or integrated across other tools you use.
Powerful Analytics and Reporting - Plezed uses analytics to interpret and communicate meaningful patterns in customer information. This enables effective decision-making, improves processes and reduces wastage. You can view the analytics and download reports.
Customizable and Interactive - Connect with your customers with ease, while collecting actionable data. You can clone, customize, and deploy campaigns quickly and easily.
Transform your marketing - You can use the data to reshape your marketing campaigns and provide hyper-personalized offers to your customers and guests. You can connect with your marketing/digital agency on Plezed to enable them to create and send forms on your behalf, and have access to analytics and reporting.
Optimize your ROI - By focusing on the data that truly matters to your business and your customers, you can make smarter decisions and optimize your marketing spend. Reduce waste, increase efficiency, and achieve a better return on investment.
Marketing/Digital Agency Dashboard - Plezed offers a dedicated dashboard for marketing and digital agencies to manage their clients efficiently. This dashboard allows agencies to create personalized experiences and campaigns tailored to their clients' needs. With real-time access to customer preferences and advanced analytics, agencies can optimize their marketing strategies, enhance customer engagement, and drive better results.
76% of companies say they lack the abiity to transform raw data into actionable insights that could improve customer experiences.


With Plezed, these insights are instantly available.
Gain next generation competitive advantage
Early adoption of zero-party data strategies (data that the customer gives you) can give your business a significant competitive advantage. Those who effectively leverage this type of data are better positioned to adapt to evolving consumer preferences.
It's not just data; it's a pathway to innovation and planning for success.
This information becomes your guiding light, helping you shape product development, enhance customer service, and stay ahead of market trends.
Ensure your organization is compliant with data privacy laws
Privacy and consent are placed at the forefront of Plezed, meaning that the customer data you collect is compliant with the privacy regulations worldwide, including the GDPR and CPRA.

These laws mean that you can't use data without the customer's explicit consent, and they have the right to correct or delete their data.
A new approach to sharing data
Plezed is a collaborative platform that enables companies to share individual customer data with an ecosystem of industry partners, with the explicit consent of the individual.
For example, a travel agent can share the preferences of a customer with the hotels and tour operators that have been booked, transforming the customer experience.
83% of customers are willing to share their data to enable a personalised experience.


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