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Zero-party data

The future of consumer data is changing significantly with Google announcing the phaseout of third-party cookies on Chrome by the end of 2023. Cookies have already ceased on browsers such as Firefox and Safari.

There are also evolving privacy regulations including the GDPR and CPRA; App Tracking Transparency guidelines; fragmented customer data; and the accelerating complexities of identity management.

Consent will be at the forefront of customer engagement in the future, with zero and first-party data strategies being critical to marketing and brand awareness. Zero-party data differs from first-party data as it provides organizations with explicit consumer preferences, rather than implied preferences (that are generated from a brand’s interactions with a consumer).

It aligns with the customer’s desire for personalization, as it enables them to proactively state what they want from a brand in exchange for their personal information. It gives companies greater insight into their needs, interests, and intent – unlike first-party data which can only offer insight generated from purchase history or basic facts like date of birth.

Plezed provides a very simple and engaging way to receive zero-party data from your customers and guests, that you can use to provide personalized experiences as well as utilize for your marketing programs.

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